Fixed YouTube favourites

For those of you reading this via my biggest aggregated RSS feed you’ll now start seeing things I’ve favourited on YouTube again.

Given I’m not writing much here, you may as well have everything else I can give, and an occasional video that tickled me in some way is about all there is.

Apparently the YouTube API changed to version three and I only noticed on a rare visit to my own website and noticed recently-favourited videos weren’t appearing. The old PHP code here is pretty old… I just looked, and apparently this version is coming up for ten years.

Anyway, the code is old but I was pleasantly surprised how I was able to get things working again without too much trouble. Well done 2006-me and 2015-me. You’re both better than you think.

2015-me has started rewriting this site again, but at least two other versions of me since 2006-me have attempted that and both ground to a halt under the weight of work and more easily-accomplishable tasks. There are so many moving parts to this site, all of which I want to replicate and improve, that it’s months of work even without distractions. Place your bets.

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