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  1. PhD Simulator

    Surprisingly addictive, in a way that I imagine doing an actual PhD isn’t.

  2. Cramming ‘Papers, Please’ Onto Phones | Development Logs by Lucas Pope

    I’ve never played it but this was still an interesting read about converting a one-year-old desktop game to work on phones.

  3. - Explore The World From Home

    It feels more magical than I expected to suddenly see full-window, high quality video of walking round a foreign city, more so than browsing YouTube for the same.

  4. What ARGs Can Teach Us About QAnon – mssv

    By Adrian Hon. Not sure why I hadn’t thought much about these parallels before. (via Pluralistic)

  5. How is this speedrun possible? Super Mario Bros. World Record Explained - YouTube

    A better watch than I expected. Quite amazing. (via Kottke, a while back)

  6. frank lantz - don’t die

    Long interview that’s interesting on trying (and failing) to make videogames “serious”, the purpose and worth of learning about making games at university, having a shared basic knowledge of games history/culture/ideas. Needs editing.

  7. How we make a game called Hidden Folks - Album on Imgur

    Really nice description of how parts of this game are put together, from graphics to translations. (via Kottke)

  8. Sleep Ambient HD - YouTube

    Six-hour recordings of ambient sound and video from different games like GTA5, Tomb Raider, Mirror’s Edge, etc. (via @mattb)

  9. San Andreas State: Animal Cam

    I watched the recording of this for about half an hour today. (via Waxy)

  10. inkle/ink: inkle’s open source scripting language for writing interactive narrative.

    I wonder if it makes more sense than Twine, which seemed bonkers when I tried to make sense of it last year. It looks a bit more… methodical? modern? robust?

  11. New Spaceship Speed in Conway’s Game of Life | Nigin’s Blog

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but I had no idea people were this into Conway’s Game of Life.

  12. GTA V - Graphics Study - Adrian Courrèges

    Even not understanding much of it, it’s amazing to see what goes into rendering a single frame of GTA V. (via @timoarnall a while back)

  13. Hipsterhammer

    I was more into RPGs than wargames, and it’s been decades since I painted a miniature, but I’m really enjoying Kieron Gillen writing about Warhammer.

  14. Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers

    I haven’t even read half of this but it’s so good. A really detailed and interesting look at a single feature of video games, that I’d barely thought about before, with loads of animated GIF examples. (via Infovore)

  15. How to traffic - Album on Imgur

    I’d never even heard of the ‘Cities: Skylines’ game but I like this description of how to make traffic work. (via Infovore)

  16. How Chan-Style Anonymous Culture Shapes #gamergate (with images, tweets) · a_man_in_black · Storify

    Really good on the clash of cultures between 4channers/GamerGaters and, well, normal people on Twitter. Other thoughts: Could this break out into media beyond Twitter? In what form? How would that affect society? (via @D_Nye_Griffiths)

  17. The Rise of the Professional Cyber Athlete

    Interesting, long article about StarCraft II, profiling a professional Canadian player. (via @kevin2kelly)

  18. Dan Golding — The End of Gamers

    This change in gaming seems long and slow and so I’m just picking out this one article to save as an almost arbitrary, but appropriately titled, marker for when gaming, and gamers, changed, (via @GreatDismal)

  19. Eve: The most thrilling boring game in the universe | Polygon

    (February 2014) A good long look at the world of Eve Online. Interviews with people involved. Fascinating. (via iamcal)

  20. Citybound - The Beginning

    SimCity-style game, in progress, being written in JavaScript and WebGL. Looks big, interesting, promising. (via Stellar)

  21. Evo 2013: your very, very vague guide

    Tom Armitage on the major fighting video game tournament. I’m fascinated by these things. Not enough that I watch them, but still. Worth knowing something about what goes on.

  22. Where is the Roger Ebert’s commissioning editor of games? - newsmary

    I’m always bemused by the game coverage in newspapers etc being relegated to a tiny corner (at best) when, for example, “alternative” music and “art house” films get prominent coverage, when both are less mainstream than popular games.

  23. GeoGuessr - Let’s explore the world!

    And this is good fun, while you’re waiting for your collection of candies to grow. I got 7457 on my first and, so far, only round. (via @antimega)

  24. Candy box !

    Really, stupidly, dumbly addictive. Be patient. And don’t forget to Save frequently. (via @nickludlam)

  25. Sim City: An Interview with Stone Librande - Venue

    “We realized… our game was going to be really boring if it was proportional in terms of parking lots.” A real shame. An opportunity to make people notice just how much a car-reliant society needs for parking. Feels like whitewashing. (via @timoarnall)

  26. webgamingcentral - YouTube (SimCity)

    I keep meaning to watch some of these SimCity playthrough videos, as I find it fascinating… but if I was wondering how I’d justify the time required to play the game, I’m not sure I can justify watching other people play it.

  27. Ocean Quigley’s Projects:

    Blog from the Creative and Art director on the new SimCity. Some lovely details.

  28. SimCity vs. The Suburban Sprawl - Tested

    Different road layouts in the new SimCity. I can’t wait.

  29. Hands On: SimCity | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    The new SimCity can only be played if it can connect to EA’s servers. This review (towards the end), and many of the comments, worry about that. The original SimCity and SimCity 2000 can still be played, but when will the new one become unplayable, a never-to-be-seen-again experience? (via @D_Nye_Griffiths)

  30. Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers • Articles •

    On the licensing deals between gun makers and video games. “We want to know explicitly how the rifle is to be used, ensuring that we are shown in a positive light… Such as the ‘good guys’ using the rifle.” (via @matlock)

  31. If I May Speak Procedurally, Sir: Building The British Countryside Generator | BIG ROBOT

    Lovely to read something like this about the British countryside rather than, say, futuristic cityscapes.

  32. Night and the City • Articles • Xbox 360 •

    A lovely description of exploring the 1947 world of ‘LA Noire’ with the author’s father who grew up in LA around then. (via Infovore)

  33. Play This Thing! | Game Reviews | Free Games | Independent Games | Game Culture

    “By the end, you feel as if you have experienced a form of art; it feels like poetry, though it is not, and like the best poetry, it expresses something meaningful about the human condition.” Nice review of the site I helped make a while back. (via Infovore)

  34. The guide to implementing 2D platformers | Higher-Order Fun

    I enjoyed this understandable description of different basic ways of constructing the basic physics of platform games. (via CreativeJS)

  35. Ice-blog » Blog Archive » Lords of Midnight – Video Footage

    ‘Lords of Midnight’ adapted for the iPad. Looks very nicely done.

  36. Oids.X

    Typical. There was, in 2003, a version of ‘Oids’ for Mac. I only realise this after Macs stopped running Power PC apps.

  37. Fear And Monocles — Broken Toys

    Mainly for the video of the “Jita Microtransaction Riot, 6/24/11”. Future. (via Tom Insam)

  38. Playable Archaeology: An Interview with the Telehack’s Anonymous Creator

    Telehack sounds amazing. I always wanted to play a Spectrum game (I forget the name) that simulated hacking, never mind something this huge.

  39. Chasing a Sound in your Head (

    I love ‘Red Dead Redemption’ but this is exactly right. If I ever show a video game to a non-gamer there are always oddities you, even now, have to explain away with “that’s just how things are in games”. (via @cityofsound)

  40. ESPN - OTL: The Franchise - E-ticket

    I like American football but have never played Madden (until trying the demo this evening). I enjoyed this article about the history of the game, and trying to make the first version work on early consoles.

  41. SuperMe

    Phew, launched! I did the front end development. Congrats to everyone involved!

  42. Raph’s Website » GDC10: Justin Hall, Fate of a Social Games Company

    Notes on Justin’s talk of his experience of GameLayers. i’m also a sucker for tales of start-ups. (via Alice)

  43. The State of Split-Screen Gaming Article | Eurogamer

    A summary of decent games to play with a friend in the same room. (Thanks Tom A.)

  44. Charlie Brooker: why I love video games | Technology | The Guardian

    Not just interesting on why games are good, but on exactly how non-games-players get frustrated with them. Would be good to talk about that more.

  45. Alice and Kev

    A tale of two homeless Sims. Read the Introduction then every page. It’s wonderful. (via Wonderland)

  46. The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation : Gears of War 2

    Quite enjoying these animated games reviews, although this is the only game I’ve played much, so far. Kind of sounds like old Victor Lewis Smith.

  47. The Dead - a free survival-horror role-playing game.

    Looks like fun. Interesting stuff about relationships. Nice illustrations too.

  48. Mapping the Brainysphere: 29 blogs switched-on gamers should read « Subject Navigator

    I was looking for one or two good games blogs to follow and found too many. Choices choices.

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