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2013-07-14 (Sunday)


  1. William Joseph Exodus

    A really cool-looking front-and-back-pack in a I’d-never-actually-wear-one kind of way. Looks a bit Starship Troopers. (via Carryology)

  2. ‘Kitten kitten kitten kittens’, Medium & TED(x) and RSSing since 2003.

    I don’t really understand Medium. Or, I don’t understand why people write on/for it. I don’t understand why it makes me uneasy and why I feel regret when someone writes there rather than their own blog. Rev Dan Catt has more thoughts.

  3. “Peter Thiel pulled an iPhone out of his jeans pocket and held it up. “I don’t consider this to be a…”

    For the thought exercise of comparing the “breakthroughness” and impact of the Apollo programme and the iPhone, and Paul’s (for him) almost contrary (but not wrong) position.

  4. Evo 2013: your very, very vague guide

    Tom Armitage on the major fighting video game tournament. I’m fascinated by these things. Not enough that I watch them, but still. Worth knowing something about what goes on.

  5. Lead Poisoning: The Ignored Scandal by Helen Epstein | The New York Review of Books

    “America’s failure to address the lead paint problem early on may well have cost the American population, on average, five IQ points.” If you ever need another example of why government regulation of industries is necessary.


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    @joe_malia We just watched that too!

    That’s all I have.

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    @blech @iamdanw @infovore ‘Tomahawk’ if memory serves. I spent days playing that.

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    That wording used my entire reserves of British composure.

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    America, you are so broken. It’s not like the UK is in splendid shape, but, between us, you’re getting rather embarrassing.