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2020-08-05 (Wednesday)


  1. What ARGs Can Teach Us About QAnon – mssv

    By Adrian Hon. Not sure why I hadn’t thought much about these parallels before. (via Pluralistic)


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    @ultrazool Now you mention it I think it's just something I saw in a dream once.

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    @dracos I suspect these users assume That's Just How It Is (because so many sites are slow), or they're on fast connections and don't notice, or, again, it's not high on their list of priorities (which I assume are: is affordable, makes a nice-looking site, is easy to use).

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    @LaurieJ I was assuming that if the users of sites like those don't value it as a feature, there's no incentive for anyone making a similar site to prioritise it over any of the other features they'd have to implement in order to compete.

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    I should just automate these moans. Subscribe now for similar futile, impotent complaints every month!

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    Never mind the feature "Pages work without JavaScript". Here's one company's list of jobs on their Notion website if JS is disabled, doesn't load, etc. Well done everyone!

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    I guess "generates nice, semantic HTML" isn't a feature that users of Squarespace, Wix, Notion, etc. value, which is why those services don't do it, and which is why a little bit of me goes all sad whenever I view any of their HTML.

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    This is …

    It was easier to RENAME ALL THE GENES than to persuade biologists to use software that doesn’t mangle gene names.

    And I understand why, and it was the right decision – but I wish the world were better.…

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    THRILLED by this announcement by the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee.