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2011-06-13 (Monday)


  1. How Andy Carvin debunked the “Gay Girl in Damascus” hoax

    Some things to watch out for here if you were ever going to try and create a fake person online. (via Waxy)

  2. Playable Archaeology: An Interview with the Telehack’s Anonymous Creator

    Telehack sounds amazing. I always wanted to play a Spectrum game (I forget the name) that simulated hacking, never mind something this huge.

  3. On The Network

    Derek Powazek chronicling dumbly critical mentions of the internet in the media. If I still listened to the Today programme I bet I’d come up with some. (via Waxy)

  4. Carlhuda/janus - GitHub

    A bunch of nice vim customisations and plugins intended to be used with MacVIM. (Thanks Tom T.)


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    @tomcoates Ohhhh, the boring, bewildered guy!

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    @tomcoates I'm not sure "moody and misunderstood" is specific enough in 'Rubicon' :) I'm going to assume you mean Truxton or Kale!

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    @antimega There should be different layers of references to allow carbon dating of people of varied generations.

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    @tomtaylor No there won't! #twitterisntthebestplacetoteaseoutthesenuancedarguments

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    @tomcoates You're hardly the only one. But either way Twitter isn't the best place to tease out these nuanced arguments. (Like this.)

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    @AnnieFeighery I’m not sure most of my friends are interested enough in religion to attend, but I bet Putnam’s interesting.

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    @AnnieFeighery They’re in loads of places because marketing people think they’re cutting edge and hip. But no one uses them :)

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    @AnnieFeighery Except almost no real people actually use QR codes outside of certain territories (like Japan).

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    Being rigorous with updating the status of tickets on my personal projects, as if @mildlydiverting was watching over my virtual shoulder.

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    Flogging off TV Centre. From the company that brought you Restoration - Saving The Nation's Heritage. Soulless, soulless bastards.

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    Nothing like a crisp white shop jacket to focus creative intent