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2016-03-21 (Monday)


  1. San Andreas State: Animal Cam

    I watched the recording of this for about half an hour today. (via Waxy)

  2. Boiling React Down to a Few Lines in jQuery - Hackflow

    An explanation of React that my fuzzy head can’t cope with right now. So, for later. (via @simonw)


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    @OpenSensorsIO Great :) nice to get a sense of where the centre of gravity is!

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    @OpenSensorsIO It seems odd to not say where you’re based, even though you’re open to remote working. Where are other team members?

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    @phl :)

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    @bobbie Congrats! Sounds like fun and trouble :)

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    I might start naming my (roughly) weekly nasty headaches like hurricanes. Today is Headache Abigail.

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    The downside of subscribing to coffee bean deliveries is when the company quietly disappears…

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    I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, willing to relocate to San Francisco.

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    New Origami team member @rowanmanning has been sent a taxidermied mole in the post from his former colleagues

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    so grateful to @jamesbridle for this smart, sharp & sensitive feature on my work for @frieze_magazine 💛…

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    Between Worlds: Labyrinthine associations and elastic meaning in the work of Heather Phillipson…