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2014-08-30 (Saturday)


  1. Jared Spool’s answer to What is the current market hourly rate (contract) for a great designer who can design (visual/ux/product) and develop award-winning user interfaces? - Quora

    “…you’re looking for someone who is such an outlier in the industry that you’ll pay whatever rate they demand.” (via Stellar)

  2. The Real Harlem by Darryl Pinckney | The New York Review of Books

    On the changing faces of Harlem over the decades. Gentrification etc, how it’s never a clear, simple phenomenon.

  3. A Passage from Hong Kong by Maya Jasanoff | The New York Review of Books

    About shipping containers, the ships and a journey on one of the ships. A good read.

  4. Turkey Goes Out of Control by Christopher de Bellaigue | The New York Review of Books

    I’ve vaguely followed news stories about Turkey but had somehow missed Gülen and his apparently vast, behind-the-scenes, apparently cult-like following.

  5. Dan Golding — The End of Gamers

    This change in gaming seems long and slow and so I’m just picking out this one article to save as an almost arbitrary, but appropriately titled, marker for when gaming, and gamers, changed, (via @GreatDismal)

  6. Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

    In Cambridge, UK, horizon scanning for high impact, low probability events. (via the Guardian)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @WhitStillman Glad you like it! Seemed a good time for a refresh.

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    @WhitStillman Ah, beat me by seconds!

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    @WhitStillman UK link to watch THE COSMOPOLITANS:…

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    @russelldavies Will the Cybermens' triple-glazed windows arrive from Germany before winter sets in?

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    @russelldavies The Doctor suffers from flashbacks to the horrors of the Galactic Storage Wars.

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    @LillyLyle Yeah, I keep watching because so many friends like it. But I do keep wondering why.

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    Maybe the next Doctor should be Kevin McCloud.

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    That sounded a bit pompous. I'm not entirely serious, I just feel zero sense of actual danger in most Doctor Who, which disappoints me.

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    Watched Doctor Who ep 1. I think they need to learn lessons from modern TV "reality" documentaries in terms of manufacturing jeopardy.

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    @abscond A few people at the Barbican have it and say speed varies during the day but is good. Assuming you can get decent reception, obv.

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    Home, after a week at the Retirement Theme Park. (ie, "holiday".)