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2016-03-10 (Thursday)


  1. New Spaceship Speed in Conway’s Game of Life | Nigin’s Blog

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but I had no idea people were this into Conway’s Game of Life.


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    @migurski @dracos This is part of me trying to use Ansible to set up one server to host several websites with different requirements.

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    @migurski @dracos Thanks. I’m not using Procfiles at the moment, so not sure that’s quite what I need right now…

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    I heard Apple needs that entire new building just to house the team that’s working on making links open in Safari.

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    “Hi everyone. Welcome to Completer Finishers’ Anonymous. It’s going to be a long evening.”

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    @dracos Yeah, mostly got it working, now trying to switch from autoenv to virtualenvwrapper and getting in a tangle :)

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    @dracos Thanks! I’m trying to (potentially) get multiple versions of 2.x and 3.x and so using pyenv for that, which is adding to confusion.

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    I mean, this can’t be uncommon and yet it’s a mess of poorly-documented different things.

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    I’m trying to install different python versions, with different virtualenvs, each with their own environment variables. Weirdly baffling.

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    The Guinness World Record For The Largest Amount Of Obsolete Web Development Knowledge Retained By One Person.

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    @genmon Have you tried on ?

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    Kids are so inquisitive.

    "Will robots ever take over the world?"

    Me: "Almost certainly."

    "But when? Before I die?"

    "A bit before, yes."

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    Disassemble the apparatus of civil society for the Tories.

    Wait that doesn’t rhyme.

    Merton, London, United Kingdom