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2016-03-13 (Sunday)


  1. inkle/ink: inkle’s open source scripting language for writing interactive narrative.

    I wonder if it makes more sense than Twine, which seemed bonkers when I tried to make sense of it last year. It looks a bit more… methodical? modern? robust?

  2. Is group chat making you sweat? — Signal v. Noise — Medium

    Jason Fried on the pros and cons of group chat at work. (via @tomskitomski)


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    @jasonfried @tomcoates @tomskitomski And a multi-threaded argument on Twitter :)

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    @kevinmarks @tomcoates @jasonfried @tomskitomski I loved the sound of @benbrown’s Slack wiki… but haven’t tried it.

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    @tomcoates @tomskitomski @jasonfried OK, yes, I guess that is what they’ve decided. Good. Right.

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    @tomcoates @tomskitomski So @jasonfried’s saying that chat, including his own company’s solution, can be used badly. Sounds… reasonable?

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    @tomskitomski @tomcoates I thought it was good but also wanted to read an accompanying "How Basecamp can be used badly" piece.