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2015-03-19 (Thursday)


  1. 2015-03-18 Bernard Morgan House Brochure.pdf - Google Drive

    On Golden Lane. I really like this understated post-war police section house. I may be pessimistic, but I assume it will be replaced with something much bulkier, less human-feeling. We’ll see. (via The Ben Jonson House Blog)

  2. How to traffic - Album on Imgur

    I’d never even heard of the ‘Cities: Skylines’ game but I like this description of how to make traffic work. (via Infovore)


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    @DeanVipond Yeah. It was a police section house; I don't know where they stay now.

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    I feel like I'm against all change sometimes, but I bet that whatever's built there will feel less… human. It's a nice scale w nice details.

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    Looks like the nice, understated, post-war Bernard Morgan House on Golden Lane will probably be redeveloped:…

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    @joe_malia @pkqk "To eat one wrap may be regarded as a misfortune; to eat both looks like carelessness."

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    @joe_malia @pkqk "There's a tale of a man they called 'Two Wraps Malia'. Came out of the west and did the impossible, God rest his soul."

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    @joe_malia @pkqk "a wrap"? Set your sights higher! How many can you complete while here? (Bearing in mind return flight weight limits.)

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    @pkqk :( [gigantic seaside wrap emoji]

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    I was meant to bring stool samples to the doctor, but I just couldn't get my shit together

    Noe Valley, San Francisco, United States

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    Osborne calls #Budget2015 the "sunshine budget" and claims the "sun's coming out across the UK".
    In other news, tomorrow is a solar eclipse.