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2010-07-12 (Monday)


  1. Playlist by mildlydiverting - Spotify

    Kim made a playlist of that list of bands in that Paul Morley article what I linked to the other day. Thanks Kim!

  2. SuperMe

    Phew, launched! I did the front end development. Congrats to everyone involved!

  3. Highslide JS - JavaScript thumbnail viewer

    Looks good, configurable, etc. And I’m a sucker for that nice zoomy action.

  4. Historypin | Home

    This is rather nice, especially when you finally get to viewing the historical photos in place in Google Streetview. (via Beyond the Beyond)


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    @tomtaylor Ooh, thanks, will give that a whirl.

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    Echoing @antimega's comment from some time ago: Stupid Lightroom, uploading photos to Flickr in reverse order.

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    @gnat Oh pish and tush, stuff and nonsense, you're too kind, 'pon my soul, well I never, etc.

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    Looking at photos of robots. "Robosaurus, a five storey, 27 tonne, fire breathing, car eating robot..." "A camel, controlled by a robot..."

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    Do you have a favourite website for viewing images? With a nice interface/experience? Photos, portfolios, etc? I would like to know more!

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    @crystaltips SQUEAL! You have Phil Gyford working for you! SQUEAL! It's like JESUS IS YOUR PACE BOWLER! (did I mention SQUEAL! ?)