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2013-05-09 (Thursday)


  1. The Online Photographer: (OT) How Do You Build A Starship-Building Organization?

    About last September’s first conference by the 100 Year Starship foundation, starting to work out what kind of organisation would be required to launch a starship 100 years from now.

  2. GeoGuessr - Let’s explore the world!

    And this is good fun, while you’re waiting for your collection of candies to grow. I got 7457 on my first and, so far, only round. (via @antimega)

  3. Candy box !

    Really, stupidly, dumbly addictive. Be patient. And don’t forget to Save frequently. (via @nickludlam)

  4. Sim City: An Interview with Stone Librande - Venue

    “We realized… our game was going to be really boring if it was proportional in terms of parking lots.” A real shame. An opportunity to make people notice just how much a car-reliant society needs for parking. Feels like whitewashing. (via @timoarnall)


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    @louiseoldfield Good luck!

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    @beekernortham Ooh, congrats on getting picked up for a new season of the cafe-set sitcom “Beeker!”

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    @tomstuart @pkqk @nickludlam BERG was once a hard-working and promising company… I NEED MORE LOLLIPOPS!

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    @whoisdanw Occulus Rift Train Driver Simulator Simulator. Just like you’re playing a real simulator.

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    She “is a classically-trained keytarist”.

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    Ohhh… All yesterday, based on tweets, I thought the Duchess of York had resigned. “What from?” I kept asking myself.

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    @esinclai I was just comparing the two services.

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    Hey guess what, online forms? My 'daytime phone number' is the same as my 'evening phone number' & my 'mobile' because it's 2013 not Mad Men