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2012-12-14 (Friday)


  1. If I May Speak Procedurally, Sir: Building The British Countryside Generator | BIG ROBOT

    Lovely to read something like this about the British countryside rather than, say, futuristic cityscapes.

  2. The Pinboard Investment Co-Prosperity Cloud

    Because small, profitable, slow-growing businesses are start-ups too,

  3. The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History

    Wikipedia is not a source, it’s “reality slash fiction”.


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    Watching Sunday’s Lions / Packers game recorded off C4+1. Terrible conditions. Both teams struggling in a blizzard of compression artefacts.

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    @wonderlandblog @nickludlam @benoonbenoon @mildlydiverting I may have to renew my Gold subscription…!

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    @paulpod My iPad has a new lock screen photo. Smiley.

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    Surfacing after two days of the sickness. Have lost any traces of vim or vigour I may once have had. Hope both are in this cup of coffee.