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2015-05-10 (Sunday)


  1. What I am, and have been, up to

    I’m freelancing again. It’s fine.


  1. Hipsterhammer

    I was more into RPGs than wargames, and it’s been decades since I painted a miniature, but I’m really enjoying Kieron Gillen writing about Warhammer.

  2. Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers

    I haven’t even read half of this but it’s so good. A really detailed and interesting look at a single feature of video games, that I’d barely thought about before, with loads of animated GIF examples. (via Infovore)


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    @mikechamberlain Sure, thanks! But I'm busy for a bit and don't like to get committed way in the future. But never hurts to talk!

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    @purplesime sounds great, well done!

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    @purplesime Thanks! I can completely understand the desire to start a company - I hope it's worked out well.

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    @tomstuart Oh, thank you!

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    RSS crew: no need to stress and click that link. You can read it or ignore it in your own time. No pressure. Relaxed Simple Syndication.

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    I wrote about what I’m up to. I’m freelancing again. It’s fine.…

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    The important issues facing the country today. Vote now!

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    Does anyone in the world know the difference between “cushioned” or “responsive” sockliners on Nike trainers? I’ll only use them for walking

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    americans trying to understand the meaning of a 'cheeky nandos' omg 😂😭😭