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2012-06-03 (Sunday)



  1. The guide to implementing 2D platformers | Higher-Order Fun

    I enjoyed this understandable description of different basic ways of constructing the basic physics of platform games. (via CreativeJS)

  2. ifttt / Log tweets to a Dropbox file

    Nice idea for making a backup of your tweets and @replies. (via Stellar)

  3. FIRECalc: A different kind of retirement calculator

    It amazes me someone could go to this much effort to create a very complex tool (scroll down…) but leave the interface so bafflingly impenetrable. (via Mr Money Mustache)

  4. Soul Sides / Sliced: Breaking Down: The Emotions’ “Blind Alley” (Stax, 1972)

    I like this way of discussing a song, displaying annotations while it plays.


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    @SineadHanks Hello. Do you know your Twitter account's been hacked?

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    @alruii So long as you’re not busy watching men drive lumps of metal in circles!

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    Even for an event like this the presenters seem to be constantly looking for conflict and jeopardy. "*Could* anything go wrong?"

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    "It's so democratic."

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    "It's literally like a floating cathedral."

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    Home, cup of tea, cake, Twitter.

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    When we look back on the Jubilee it'll all be laughing street parties, not crowds milling on Upper Thames St unable to get to the river.

    Hackney, England, United Kingdom

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    I'm going down to the Thames in a bit, but I only lasted a few minutes of BBC coverage. Ugh, dreary, smile-faced, vacuous talkathon.

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    Britain is daytime TV.

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    @revdancatt Yeah, madness! I’m sure someone 150 years ago predicted that fad wouldn’t last, and they were right!

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    Using a £660 application just to crop an image. It’s like, oh I don’t know, a simile about a really fast car or something.

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    I want to enter the television and slap all of the BBC presenters