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Links tagged with “django”

  1. How to Safely Pass Data to JavaScript in a Django Template - Adam Johnson

    I keep having to google for this handy guide when I want to link to it for someone.

  2. A tour of Django server setups

    A really nice, gradually more complex, overview of the different ways you could set up webservers, databases, etc.

  3. SaaS Pegasus | The Django-Powered SaaS Boilerplate

    Looks like an interesting way to get up and running quickly with user management, Stripe subscriptions, teams, etc. USD295/site

  4. Sensemaking: Django for Startup Founders: A better software architecture for SaaS startups and consumer apps

    Lots of interesting advice for structuring Django projects (and some more general advice). (via Simon Willison)

  5. nickjj/docker-django-example

    Another handy example project full of experience.

  6. bfirsh/django-docker-heroku-template

    Lots of handy things to copy here.

  7. HackSoftware/Django-Styleguide: Django styleguide used in HackSoft projects

    Interesting to see how people settle on organising things. (via Simon Willison)

  8. A Django project blueprint to help you learn by doing

    A really nice walkthrough of thinking about, planning and making a Django website, for those who have done initial tutorials and now want to make their own things.

  9. Squeezing every drop of performance out of a Django app on Heroku | by Ben Firshman | Medium

    About serving many requests for Arxiv Vanity, from 2017. (via /r/django)

  10. Matt Segal Dev - 3 ways to deploy a Django backend with a React frontend

    Just a nice high-level overview of three ways to do this (I never have and wasn’t sure of the options).

  11. More on service layers in Django

    I’ve enjoyed this and the previous post. In-depth enough to be useful, not so much i can’t follow it.

  12. Optimizing Django Admin Paginator – Haki Benita – Medium

    Not only for this tip but for the other posts this links to. Lots of handy customisations for Django Admin. (via Simon Willison)

  13. django-bakery documentation

    “A set of helpers for baking your Django site out as flat files” made and used by the LA Times Data Desk. (via Simon Willison)

  14. Building a combined stream of recent additions using the Django ORM

    Very handy. I’ve tried a couple of laborious ways of doing the same in the past, probably before `.union()` appeared.

  15. Using pyvenv (venv) With Django on WebFaction. :: Solid Ether

    Also for the earlier post it links to. Django-type sites on WebFaction (as opposed to standard Apache sites) do sound a bit messy though.

  16. My essential django package list — /var/

    A handy list including a few handy things I hadn’t heard of. Plus useful descriptions of them all. (via Simon Willison)

  17. Django Service Objects

    I like keeping stuff like this out of views and models, and this seems like a nice way to do it. (via @simonwillison)

  18. Unit test your Django views

    Unit testing Django’s class-based views seems difficult to do simply. This helps.

  19. Simple Django error logging configuration for Heroku |

    For future reference. Just because it seemed harder than necessary to work out how to get Django errors to display in Heroku’s console.

  20. A basic Celery on Heroku guide

    This was also a nice write-up, with lots of handy tips, and barely out of date (a miracle, it seems).

  21. Python developer articles - Django celery setup

    Some bits of this were useful. And start-to-finish, not too wordy, examples like this are nice.

  22. Test A Reusable Django Application For Support Of Multiple Django Releases With Tox And Travisci | Joe Bergantine

    A clear description of how to do something that pretty much worked. Always a pleasure.

  23. Setting up Django with Nginx, Gunicorn, virtualenv, supervisor and PostgreSQL - Michał Karzyński

    Nice, clear description. Part two shows how to run multiple Django apps on the Nginx server.

  24. bee-keeper/aws-ansible-django-deployment - Shell

    Looks like a good example of Ansible for deploying a Django project on AWS and Vagrant.

  25. zalew / django-flickr — Bitbucket

    “Provides a mechanism to mirror user’s Flickr photos into a Django project.”

  26. jcalazan/ansible-django-stack

    An Ansible playbook: Django, Postgres, Vagrant, Ubuntu 14.04, tested with DigitalOcean. Promising.

  27. Easy Django Deployments with Ansible - Technically Voracious

    A very simple, apparently, Ansible playbook for deploying a Django site to something like DigitalOcean.

  28. Deploying Django 1.7 on Ubuntu with DigitalOcean - with PostgreSQL, Nginx, and Gunicorn |

    This seems reasonably thorough. Maybe I can face it. But part of me is thinking, “I wish I could just FTP some PHP files to a server.”

  29. coddingtonbear/django-location

    Interesting… Django app that stores location data from Foursquare, iCloud and Runmeter.

  30. mbrochh comments on How do YOU deploy to Webfaction?

    Nice description of deploying a Django site to WebFaction, although not that WebFaction-specific.

  31. Django 1.3 vs Rails 3: A not so final showdown - (think)

    A couple of years old, but a pretty good comparison (from a limited field).

  32. Test-Driven Django Tutorial

    Quite verbose tutorial, in a good way. Assumes very little Django knowledge, which is great/tedious depending on your own level.

  33. Django Class-Based-View Inspector — Classy CBV

    I usually have a tab open to look through the class-based-views on Github. This might be better.

  34. Complete Single Server Django Stack Tutorial |

    Really clear and comprehensive guide to setting up a Django site on Ubuntu.

  35. Carljm / django-lockdown / source / — Bitbucket

    I can’t believe password-protecting Django sites is still such a pain, but this is the best solution I’ve found so far. The latest version isn’t on PyPI though; had to pip install the most recent commit specifically.

  36. Testing and Django by Carl Meyer — Marc’s PyCon 2012 Notes 1.0 documentation

    Good, useful, notes on a presentation about testing in Django. (Actually, go up to all of Marc’s PyCon 2012 notes for loads more good stuff.)

  37. Cyberdelia/django-pipeline

    Good-looking thing for compressing and concatenating CSS and JavaScript files with Django. Good documentation, handles LESS, SASS, CoffeeScript etc. Nice.

  38. Disqus/gargoyle - GitHub

    Adding feature switching to Django projects.

  39. Django Deployment Workshop by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

    This looks good. A three hour video tutorial about deploying Django, “including Amazon’s EC2 and S3, Fabric, Varnish, nginx, mod_wsgi, memcached, PostgreSQL, pgpool, pg_standby, and more.” I just need to find three spare hours now.

  40. The Best (and Worst) of Django

    A presentation covering a few things to do or avoid. Bookmarking it mainly for the settings bit at the end, something I should do better, like this.

  41. Jezdez/django_compressor - GitHub

    “Combines and compresses linked and inline Javascript or CSS in a Django templates into cacheable static files by using the compress template tag.” Can work with Sass CSS I believe.

  42. Pelme/django-compress - GitHub

    Looks good: a tool for automatically (or only when asked) compressing and combining CSS and JavaScript files used on a Django project.

  43. Django Authentication using an Email Address

    I’ve read a lot of half-thought-through explanations for how to let users of a Django site log in with email address rather than username. This seems to be the only one that covers all the bases. Still, it shouldn’t be this hard.

  44. Resetting Your South Migrations

    I was thinking of doing this after a lot of solo early development on a Django project.

  45. Django-treebeard

    “A library that implements efficient tree implementations for the Django Web Framework” (as used by Simon on Lanyrd). Possibly faster/better than django-mptt, which I had problems with.

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