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2022-10-29 (Saturday)



  1. How a Ghostwriter Makes $200,000 a Year Writing Tweets for Top Silicon Valley Investors

    “We’ve been living in the metaverse for 15 years. We live in a technology-mediated reality. There are no facts. Narrative is the only thing that matters. Everything is propaganda.” (via Money Stuff)

  2. Welcome to hell, Elon - The Verge

    “The essential truth of every social network is that the product is content moderation, and everyone hates the people who decide how content moderation works.”

  3. A tour of Django server setups

    A really nice, gradually more complex, overview of the different ways you could set up webservers, databases, etc.

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    .@rabbitandcoffee reimagines the procession of U.K. prime ministers in the world of SUCCESSION.

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    Helicam shot of the @rhaetischebahn #worldrecord train on the Albula spirals gives an even better idea of the extraordinary achievement of running a 100-car train on this line. @TodaysRailways1 @CNNTravel 🚃🇨🇭

    Bergün, Schweiz, Schweiz