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2021-06-25 (Friday)



  1. Sensemaking: Django for Startup Founders: A better software architecture for SaaS startups and consumer apps

    Lots of interesting advice for structuring Django projects (and some more general advice). (via Simon Willison)


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    @Storythings I tried to complete this but was a bit stuck - I’m not learning using a video platform (zoom/teams), or face to face, or using an app, which seem to be the only options you expect? I’m using a website with pre-recorded videos, resources and a forum.

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    I think the worst job I ever had was peeling trees for log homes. $15/tree, below-freezing. The draw knife was so dull, hung up on knots, and my fingers and toes froze solid. I quit before the end of the shift. Had bark and sap in my Levi’s jacket for YEARS after.