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2021-08-26 (Thursday)


  1. SaaS Pegasus | The Django-Powered SaaS Boilerplate

    Looks like an interesting way to get up and running quickly with user management, Stripe subscriptions, teams, etc. USD295/site


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    Here’s a website I made recently for Artangel… images and sounds from, and inspired by, Orford Ness in Suffolk to put on in the background. Or foreground.…

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    Now streaming ⚠️ is a 24-hour online radio station produced by sound artist @Auntie_Flo w/ reference to surveillance + wildlife.

    Part of #AfternessOnline – a series of new digital commissions inspired by Orford Ness.


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    Very, very occasionally I write a post listing a few blogs and newsletters that I've tried out and stuck with. Here's the seventh Blogroll Keepers:…

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    That article about Frinton is great btw, hilarious. Heaven forfend it should become a "seaside resort"! There are several shops selling ice creams a very short walk away from their precious, and very nice, greensward.

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    I've just noticed the Telegraph's digital edition seems nice, with left/right progress through the articles, and a progress bar. A very good idea 🤔… vs my (I can't use it of course because it's paywalled.)

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    in ten years, between 2010 and 2019, the plot of Downton Abbey moved forward 15 years, from 1912 to 1927. This means in the year 2210, Downton Abbey will be set in 2212, and move from being a period drama to science fiction