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2016-04-25 (Monday)


  1. Test A Reusable Django Application For Support Of Multiple Django Releases With Tox And Travisci | Joe Bergantine

    A clear description of how to do something that pretty much worked. Always a pleasure.


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    @kevinmarks very-true

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    No one, on their deathbed, has said, “I wish I’d spent more days trying to get python development environments to work.” And yet, and yet…

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    Excellent, another command line tool I should be using to make web dev simpler! I can now devote Monday to fixing all these errors.

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    @Bopuc @cityofsound In the Barbican short-term lets like AirBnB aren’t allowed. The Estate Office welcomes reports of transgressors. Good.

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    Set cardigans to MEDIUM.