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2013-07-08 (Monday)


  1. Django 1.3 vs Rails 3: A not so final showdown - (think)

    A couple of years old, but a pretty good comparison (from a limited field).

  2. Lacuna Books

    Online tool for writing books and papers. Long content, footnotes etc, output to HTML and, for $10, EPUB and PDF. Looks good. (via Tom Taylor)

  3. Packagr

    Promises to make it easy to repurpose blogs etc, and output to Kindle, iBooks, App Store etc. Not properly launched yet, looks interesting. By Ben Brown et al.


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    @GitHubHelp Hmm, they’re annotated tags, but I’ll email support, thanks.

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    If you use GitHub’s new Releases, make sure you create them in chronological order. ‘Latest release’ is automatically the most recent. Grr.

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    @github How do I mark a Release as being Latest? My automatic marking is wrong just because I created historical releases in a diffrnt order

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    @phl Exactly. Only my arms will be covered with non-useful eHow and Yahoo Answers URLs.

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    Come work with me at Goldsmiths, rare and exciting job on the best UG Design programme in the country:…

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    Because my Google search results are all purple, I can’t tell which pages offering solutions I’ve already tried. Maybe I’ll tattoo the URLs.