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2021-05-25 (Tuesday)


  1. @lemonodor/Advisory Circular bots / Twitter

    Twitter bots that automatically post when a helicopter’s detected flying in circles over a particular city. Includes @SkyCirclesLON. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  2. HackSoftware/Django-Styleguide: Django styleguide used in HackSoft projects

    Interesting to see how people settle on organising things. (via Simon Willison)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    What a strange combination of euphoria and “oh god he’s going to die”.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Dammit, I was just about to go to bed but now I’m watching a man cycling round London DJing drum’n’bass from his bike. “Out to Kev listening in Cornwall, yes mate.”

  • philgyford’s avatar

    @simonmacmichael @samuelpepys It was Mr Shepley!

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    I recently got my first #tattoo! It's two circles that show the relative size of the Earth and the #Moon, and when I hold my arms out to the side the distance between them is to scale as well 🌘🌎