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2015-11-08 (Sunday)


  1. jcalazan/ansible-django-stack

    An Ansible playbook: Django, Postgres, Vagrant, Ubuntu 14.04, tested with DigitalOcean. Promising.

  2. Easy Django Deployments with Ansible - Technically Voracious

    A very simple, apparently, Ansible playbook for deploying a Django site to something like DigitalOcean.

  3. Sync/Backup workshop at Redecentralize Conference

    A nice list of personal, non-commercial, backup/sync tools, and some thoughts. Like Francis, I think a very friendly layer on top of git could be amazing.

  4. First, Let’s Get Rid of All the Bosses | The New Republic

    On Zappos’ weird non-organisational organisation. Sounds like a nightmare. (via @tomtaylor a while back)


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    It’s probably more TV ads than I’ve watched in the entire year so far, so I guess it’s payback time.

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    Trying to find a specific point in an on-demand show on @Channel4’s site, to share… I’ve sat through 12 minutes of ads so far.

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    @aden_76 Yeah, I think the True Detective one needs a bit more work before it’s crazy. Sorry to be so picky :)

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    @aden_76 @cityofsound Ah, good thanks! I’d forgotten we were missing a good shot of that one.

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    @aden_76 Thanks Aden… I’m not sure the noticeboard’s quite crazy enough… There’s a fine line between between messy and crazy!

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    @benterrett that's not very co-operative of you