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2011-10-03 (Monday)

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  1. Cyclists in the City: Will ‘hating’ cyclists be acceptable until cycling gets a proper place in the city?

    As others have said above, much (but by no means all) of the reason for drivers and pedestrians…

  2. The Technium: You Are a Robot

    “Since technology isn’t new, why this infatuation with imitating machines now?” i’m not sure what…


  1. Django Deployment Workshop by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

    This looks good. A three hour video tutorial about deploying Django, “including Amazon’s EC2 and S3, Fabric, Varnish, nginx, mod_wsgi, memcached, PostgreSQL, pgpool, pg_standby, and more.” I just need to find three spare hours now.

  2. 00:/Blog - Silicon Roundabout’s ‘Start-up City’

    Ugh. How do you take the really ugly Old Street roundabout and make it even more ugly and hideous and somewhere you really wouldn’t want to be? Like this! (via @antimega)

  3. A New Season of Arrested Development?! - TV News at IGN

    Ooh, exciting. Director and cast have confirmed a new short season to be shot next summer, along with the long-promised movie. Backing not certain yet though. (via @secretbean)


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    @anneshewring I interviewed Steps once. They seemed nice. #crazyshowbizstories

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    @moleitau We got called that by a driver on ride to Cambridge, because we were cycling slower than he wanted to drive on a narrow road. Grr.

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    @joroach @infovore @rich_lem I don’t know NES, but that description sounds more like Lunar Jetman than Jetpac.

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    @antimega Isn’t it more like “Lego meets government e-petitions”?

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    How do you make Old Street roundabout even more ugly and unpleasant? Like this!

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    @benhammersley Ha, I just read that and was thinking the same. Extra silly that the Guardian just reprints the PA report without question.