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2014-04-05 (Saturday)


  1. coddingtonbear/django-location

    Interesting… Django app that stores location data from Foursquare, iCloud and Runmeter.

  2. mbrochh comments on How do YOU deploy to Webfaction?

    Nice description of deploying a Django site to WebFaction, although not that WebFaction-specific.

  3. Put This On - Fit

    Put This On’s posts on getting suits, shirts, etc to fit well.

  4. Put This On • The Seven-Shoe Wardrobe The longer I write about…

    I was wondering what something like this would look like yesterday, then came across this.

  5. Summer Style When You’re Not Gary Cooper I don’t know if you…

    For this: “on clothing forums … an argument erupts, a bunch of random strangers weigh in, some vociferous poster throws down a 1930s illustration from ‘Apparel Arts’ or a photo of the Duke of Windsor, and everyone simmers down.”


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @holgate I've learned a new word: estoppel. Although, even after reading about it, I couldn't use it accurately in a sentence.