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2011-07-13 (Wednesday)



  1. Django Authentication using an Email Address

    I’ve read a lot of half-thought-through explanations for how to let users of a Django site log in with email address rather than username. This seems to be the only one that covers all the bases. Still, it shouldn’t be this hard.

  2. Groovify your music tweets - Denoiser the better

    Tweet a song and @groovify generates a Spotify or Grooveshark playlist based on it.

  3. - Generate Spotify Playlists powered by Lastfm!

    Makes Spotify playlists based on the name of a music artist or your favorites/recommendations.


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    @ethermole Exactly! We need a trainee @irvinebrown, but no design skills required.

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    @kierondonoghue Very nice, ta. But the drag New Playlist bit doesn’t work for me (Mac, Safari 5). Maybe add copy and paste like Spotibot’s?

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    @topfife Thanks, but I’m not short of playlists made by strangers :)

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    @gilest A biscuit allowance may apply after a successful review following the three year probationary period.

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    @moongolfer Nice, ta. also looks handy.

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    VACANCY: We need an assistant to make us Spotify playlists on demand, like iTunes Genius. Knowledge of all music ever required. Paid in tea.

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    Moved up to the fast lane in the pool this morning. If only I was swimming in an allegory.

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    "She used to work creating acronyms for the British Abbreviation Board, or, as it's usually known, the B."