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2017-12-17 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 17 December 2017

    This week, double acting and sort-of-finishing some code.



  1. Using pyvenv (venv) With Django on WebFaction. :: Solid Ether

    Also for the earlier post it links to. Django-type sites on WebFaction (as opposed to standard Apache sites) do sound a bit messy though.


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    @genmon @benterrett It is pretty good. I imagine everyone working in WeWork offices wears plumed hats and doff them at the start of every stand-up.

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    @benterrett Isn’t it… no bees anywhere. And why does the .com redirect to the .org? And why haven’t they (or anyone) registered

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    Stop trying to make Midtown happen.

    Camden Town, London, United Kingdom

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    wltm: the person who has eaten and blogged every dish at Wong Kei

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    Pissy old day in london. Was gonna go pressie shopping but fuck 'em, they've got me in their lives so that's gift enough.