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2020-10-08 (Thursday)


  1. A Django project blueprint to help you learn by doing

    A really nice walkthrough of thinking about, planning and making a Django website, for those who have done initial tutorials and now want to make their own things.

  2. I Lived Through Collapse. America Is Already There. | by Indi Samarajiva | Sep, 2020 | GEN

    “If you’re waiting for a moment where you’re like ‘this is it’, I’m telling you, it never comes. Nobody comes on TV and says ‘things are officially bad’.” (via Kottke)

  3. Welcome to Your Bland New World of Consumer Capitalism - Bloomberg

    Lots of great examples of similar copywriting, brand statements, company visions, etc that all want to be unique.


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    @rulib @mathowie I mean, I can't stand watching them now I'm an adult but you'd have to be a Pretty Serious Killer Of Joy to think they're entirely bad, or "conservative".

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    @rulib @mathowie It's possible there are Very Serious people who disapprove of the corny lewd jokes (Sexism!), cross-dressing performers (something something terfs, I dunno), and old plots (stereotypes?) but pantos adapt, have contemporary references and opinions, poke fun at authority, etc.

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    If anybody thinks ISO8601 datetime strings are a well-defined format, here's the code in @marsedit that handles ISO8601 dates from various blogging platforms.

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    The John Lewis Christmas 2020 ad is out.