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2016-02-03 (Wednesday)


  1. bee-keeper/aws-ansible-django-deployment - Shell

    Looks like a good example of Ansible for deploying a Django project on AWS and Vagrant.

  2. Australian Ruby on Rails developers blog: Ansible (Real Life) Good Practices |

    Mainly for the tip about the “Vault Pseudo leaf encryption”.

  3. 6 practices for super smooth Ansible experience by Maxim Chernyak

    More Ansible tips. Like him I’ve been a bit frustrated that setting up a Vagrant box feels too different to setting up a real server, when you want them to be as similar as possible.


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    Hmm, I need a bigger vocabulary.

    ‘Youth’s “brilliant” > “email newsletters in a feed reader’s “brilliant”

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    Brilliant - effectively turn email newsletters into an RSS feed, if you use @feedbin.…

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    Subscribe to Email Newsletters in Feedbin…

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    @feedbin Oh, this is so good.

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    ‘Youth’ was brilliant.

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    @russelldavies Very nice. I don’t have enough choices to need help with decisions!

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    @futurefabric @mattsheret I’ve just restarted it, so now it’s all MINE, losers!

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    I’m very much enjoying listening to @dandelionradio’s complete 2015 Festive Fifty:…