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2016-08-02 (Tuesday)


  1. A basic Celery on Heroku guide

    This was also a nice write-up, with lots of handy tips, and barely out of date (a miracle, it seems).

  2. Python developer articles - Django celery setup

    Some bits of this were useful. And start-to-finish, not too wordy, examples like this are nice.

  3. ‘Once you can handle the insults, you begin’: inside Philippe Gaulier’s clown school | Stage | The Guardian

    Lots of good nuggets about what it means to be on stage. And Gaulier’s manner sounds very like that of a teacher I had years ago, who was great.

  4. “I’ve never had a goal”

    On the benefit of not setting yourself goals.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @genmon Carcassonne’s fortified city and stuff is good. And I like Montpellier just as a nice place.