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2012-02-06 (Monday)


  1. Disqus/gargoyle - GitHub

    Adding feature switching to Django projects.

  2. Online Education

    Some interesting, free online courses from Stanford University. I may give the Model Thinking one a whirl. Starts this month. (via Monevator)


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    @FinalBullet Good to see that IT LIVES!

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    @cityofsound Unless you were watching the Super Bowl on BBC1, where the advertising is replaced with good studio commentary. Much better.

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    @phl Yeah, don't think that'll be making many highlight reels.

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    I fear this can only end with human sacrifice.

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    Unless I've misunderstood, the Super Bowl halftime show is an allegory about the unavoidable fall of empires, which is brave.

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    Answering the door to a builder: "Hello, is there a man in charge?" Me: "there may not be a man in charge." Him: "oh sorry was that racist?"

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    This morning's workstation, computer donated from the museum of @philgyford #dayoff #dktronics