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2009-11-04 (Wednesday)


  1. Flickr machine tags for film photos

    Creating Flickr machine tags to store information about photos taken on film.

  2. Haddock Blogs down for a bit is down for a bit, but the RSS feeds are now back up and running.


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    @tomtaylor I wouldn't mind, except @BarbicanCentre post the same request on every single photo I take of the Barbican. Take a hint!

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    @tomtaylor You'd think @BarbicanCentre would know what buildings are part of the arts centre or not. Or rename their Flickr group. #pedant

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    @hondanhon Please send all questions re the 20C theme park to our Newcastle office. Include an SAE and allow 28 days for delivery.

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    Sending paper forms by post. It's like being in a twentieth century theme park.

  • philgyford’s avatar is still down, but the RSS feeds are back up and running at the same URLs as before:

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    Up exceedingly un-betimes. Not sure what happened there. It was very nice, but 10am won't change the world.