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2010-02-04 (Thursday)


  1. Replace comments with letters pages

    Maybe we should replace commenting on popular websites with letters’ pages.

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  1. Melody: Community Powered Publishing

    An in-development open source CMS designed to be compatible with Movable Type. Not sure why, but maybe it’s interesting…?

  2. Byrnereese’s mt-plugin-profiler at master - GitHub

    Hopefully useful Movable Type plugin for working out which bits of your templates are taking ages to rebuild.

  3. LRB · Daniel Soar · Short Cuts

    An article from May 2009 about the @ sign, followed by some fascinating letters about what it’s called in other countries.

  4. When Science & Poetry Were Friends - The New York Review of Books

    I liked this Freeman Dyson article from last year, recounting the scientific world of 1770-1830 and comparing it to today.


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    @phl Most things are probably my fault if you look too closely. Glad you got it working.

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    1357 comments on the Pepys site requiring attention after an old database mangling. At least 24 hours' dull work I reckon. Onward. Upward.

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    Right now my twitter feed is made up of 90% fictive characters from Pepys' world, and various Pretend Office employees.

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    @anothersam No problem - email me tomorrow if you still need a hand.

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    Having upgraded to Movable Type 5 yesterday, the admin interface's "News" widget is now announcing Movable Type 4.3 in July 2009...

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    @anothersam Let me know if you need a second eye on your Movable Type problem - I'm not very busy today.