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2009-12-03 (Thursday)


  1. Making news easier to read online

    The New York Times Skimmer is an improvement over most newspaper websites, but it’s not there yet.




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    Treating myself to Bodean's pulled pork before going to see 'Endgame'. Pork before Beckett, that's my motto. Today.

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    Tired of the sound of my own written voice. How do real writers do it? Enough for now.

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    Today's post included an expensive booklet advertising St Pancras International as a Christmas shopping destination. It's an odd world.

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    @megp @macintosh I saw Wedding Present play all of George Best last(?) year, seeing Thomas Dolby play all of Flat Earth's a trend!

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    Dreams of playing L4D2. A few hours wide awake. Dreams of being woken by visitors. Yoga. Now in my own zombie-like state.