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2010-05-23 (Sunday)


  1. What have we today?

    Some clippings from the New Statesman’s ‘This England’ column from the early 1990s.

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  2. Week 361

    Catching up on weeknotes after a holiday and procrastination.



  1. 750 Words

    Nice idea, from the afore-linked Buster Benson. Write 750 words a day, privately, online, to get your creative juices flowing.

  2. Buster Benson

    A nice data-rich “summary of now” homepage. (via @tomcoates)

  3. Burn - Home

    Really nice and easy Mac app for burning files to different kinds of disc. Also, free. (via Infovore)


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    Wasn't going to get Red Dead Redemption immediately, but my friends have. I feel like the kid in the playground wearing the wrong trainers.

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    GSD. It's like Getting Things Done only even more satisfying.

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    @chrislunch Field Mice can be slightly angry! "That you have a life, A life besides me, Bothers the hell, The hell out of me" Ooh! Fury! er.

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    Just noticed that for four days in 1987 I wrote my diary in runes from Lord of the Rings. #helloiamageek

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    @timd If someone on the walk says "The air smells so fresh out here!" then it's a ramble.

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    Throwing away a large pile of paper about the future that I barely remember reading or writing ten years ago.

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    Favourite new (to me) word from the world of outdoors equipment: Ramblesack. Bigger than a daysack, smaller than a rucksack. "Ramblesack"

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    Pleased to see on Dr Who that Rory colours in the North Face logo on his clothes. I do the same, but his is better than my Sharpie attempt.

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    @chrislunch What's wrong with The Field Mice?! I'm going to have to look for the Drums now.