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2010-06-16 (Wednesday)


  1. Today’s Guardian feature requests

    The three most common feature requests for the Today’s Guardian website.



  1. Doubles Guy | Know Your Meme

    I love it when Know Your Meme explains a really specific meme that most of the world is oblivious of, but that people in that niche get really worked up about.

  2. with Thomas Fuchs » Blog Archive » Making an iPad HTML5 App & making it really fast

    Some handy tips, although some assume you’re building a website *only* for the iPad, and don’t need to worry about other platforms.

  3. Issues with how Apple Aperture 3 writes metadata

    What a mess. Although some of these issues might have been fixed in the just-released 10.6.4 OS X update which “addresses IPTC metadata compatibility issues” in Aperture 3…?

  4. Apple - Support - Discussions - missing faces/places after event import …

    Differences between Aperture’s importing from iPhoto Library and from its iPhoto Browser.

  5. Gangsinlondon

    Apparently the creator of those Google Maps of gangs, according to a Daily Telegraph article. Fascinating.

  6. Google Maps - englandgangs

    Maps of gang territories in London. No idea how accurate it is, etc. Interesting if it’s at all accurate. (via Tom Taylor)


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    @tomtaylor @russelldavies I must say, the weather's better than I imagined first thing this morning.

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    @tomtaylor Yes, thank you very much for asking. I hope you're having a nice day too.

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    Any sufficiently advanced hobby is indistinguishable from a job