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2010-05-26 (Wednesday)


  1. Nothing else to do

    Sunday’s aren’t what they used to be, but Tony Hancock’s ‘A Sunday Afternoon At Home’ reminds us what they were.


  1. What happened at the end of Flesh and Stone was sexual assault: Q&A « Reconcile

    About Doctor Who. Interesting. That scene did seem odd, if only because the show doesn’t usually refer so directly to sex but, also, if the situation was reversed the unpleasantness would have been more obvious. (via Yoz)

  2. House of Compliance « LRB blog

    Edward Pearce on the nonsense of the government consulting “The People” about everything. “The People are not stupid, but by and large, they are wonderfully under-informed. And as sure as hell, they are not very interested.”

  3. YouTube - A Sunday afternoon at home, part 1 of 3 - Tony Hancock

    If you ever need to explain to someone what an English Sunday afternoon is like, play this. We listened to it a lot when I was little.

  4. iPhoto Export - The Possibilities (Google Translate)

    iPhoto to Aperture to Lightroom seems like the most promising way to move to Lightroom and keep your metadata. Can’t believe it’s this hard.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Every time I open a new Finder window I think, "Really, is this still how we manage computing, fiddling around with files?" So quaint.

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    BRIG's shopping order includes normal Hobnobs *and* chocolate Hobnobs. It's like the dotcom boom all over again!

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    More amused than I should be that my wife works with someone called Tracy Morgan. Am now distracted by Tracy Morgan quotes. #30rock