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Writing tagged Misc

  1. Haddock Blogs feeds are back

    The Haddock Blogs RSS feeds disappeared for a bit. They’re back now.

  2. Ghostly fingers of APIs

    I created a graphic showing all the bits of my online life that update each other.

  3. Showing them one tiny corner

    More on the stock market graphs, and working out how to improve them.

  4. Graphs that lie

    Annoyed by stock market graphs whose y-axes don’t start at zero, and correcting them.

  5. Head of the tiny pack

    On the death of David Foster Wallace.

  6. Way too jaded

    My thoughts on dConstruct 2008, whose talks left me underwhelmed.

  7. View past days on Haddock Blogs

    Haddock Blogs was broken for a bit, but as compensation you can now browse to older days of posts.

  8. Rush hour on the Barley Highway

    Last year I bought a fixed-gear bike. Here’s what I think of it. But I’m also wondering why Parisians have a much more relaxed cycling culture.

  9. Stop and go “Huh?”

    An idea by Russell Davies, and the hostile reactions to it, reminded me of how contextless so much writing is online.

  10. More Twitter angst

    My tweets are now public again, the lesser of two evils I think.

  11. Haddock Blogs changes

    A summary of the recent changes to the Haddock Blogs site and feeds.

  12. I’m not bugging your phone

    I’ve made my Twitters private and this has meant that some people I know can no longer read them. Sorry.

  13. Bottom of a locked filing cabinet

    More fun with BT Yahoo! attempts at helping people who can’t send email through their service.

  14. Beware of the Leopard

    The struggle we went through trying to resolve an issue with BT (and their associated brands) and their SMTP server settings.

  15. Personal University

    The Personal MBA reading list has got me all excited.

  16. Optimism and creativity

    I’ve been wondering whether being optimistic helps creativity. I compare Modernism, 1960s Californian music, and 1970s New York music.

  17. The Haddock Directory is now closed

    The Haddock Directory is closing after nearly a decade of daily links.

  18. My year in email

    Looking at statistics generated by Eudora for my email usage.

  19. Some of Leslie’s ambitions

    An email Leslie Harpold wrote in response to the question “What do you really want to do which is completely removed from your job?”

  20. What percentage of restaurants fail after one year?

    Investigating the frequent claim that 90% of restaurants fail in the first year.

  21. This is on the new server

    If you can read this, you’re looking at the site on the new server. Hopefully it’s no…

  22. Moving servers

    Rather than spend this sunny day without work sitting outside, I’m in the process of moving…

  23. Captionless exhibitions

    I’ve been getting frustrated by exhibitions that don’t have any descriptions for their exhibits.

  24. HotWired demo site from 1995

    A demo version of the HotWired website from 1995.

  25. Wanted: A walking map of London for Palm OS

    The map application I used on my old Palm Vx doesn’t work on my new Treo. I miss its walking directions and can’t find a more modern replacement.