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2010-07-17 (Saturday)


  1. Pay-per-point

    Pay-per-view seems a bit rude when you want to show people things. Maybe pay-per-point would be nicer.

  2. Week 369

    Catching up on overdue tasks, arguing, Django.



  1. Volubilis, Morocco (34.090556,-5.554722 - Google Maps)

    Really quite amazed at this aerial photo of the Roman ruins of Volubilis. You can see the streets, outlines of buildings, etc. Incredible.

  2. LRB · Jenny Diski · Toxic Lozenges

    About how common arsenic poisoning (both murder and accidental) was, mainly in the 19th century. Fascinating.

  3. intitle:”anna chapman” inurl:beyond_the_beyond - Google Search

    I’m very much enjoying Bruce Sterling’s coverage of Russian spy Anna Chapman. (And, mmm, Google search filters are handy.)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @jwheare So maybe if I had to go all the way down the road to get sugar, that would be thoroughly garnered?

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    Why do people only ever garner attention? Why not, "I'm just popping next door to garner some sugar"?

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    @tobybarnes I switched from iScrobbler to the app and then forgot and quit that leaving me with NO ACTIVE SCROBBLING! The horror.

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    Ugh, just listened to 22 tracks before realising scrobbling wasn't switched on. My entire life has been a waste.

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    @suegyford I'd like to see all of Jim Emerson's "102 movies you must see":

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    @tomtaylor They always seemed quite good when I used to go. Maybe it's changed, or some assistants are better than others...?

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    People queuing to get in to Breakfast Club. Weirdoes. The Diner it is!

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    Breakfast Club o'clock Club.

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    Today's Pilates class was only tiring because of the endless chattering of the supply teacher and her CD of new age music.