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Links tagged with “visualisation”

  1. Trillions – What is a trillion dollars? — Information is Beautiful

    Nice comparison of many countries’ GDP, companies’ values, potential spending plans, potential savings, past events, personal wealth, etc.

  2. How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations | Chartable

    I’m not very good at colours and this is nicely explained.

  3. How the Virus Won - The New York Times

    Very good telling of the story. This is all a bit much isn’t it. (via Waxy)

  4. Coronavirus tracked: has your country’s epidemic peaked? | Free to read | Financial Times

    Good (terrifying) charts. Nice that there’s a lot of explanation too.

  5. List of Physical Visualizations

    Loads of lovely historic visualisations made out of paper, wood, etc. (via @simonw)

  6. Coalition calculator - General Election 2015,

    Simple and clear. Nice. (via @AftertheFloodco)

  7. PLOS ONE: The Rise of Partisanship and Super-Cooperators in the U.S. House of Representatives

    For the couple of diagrams showing how the number of congresspeople voting cross-party has changed over time. I love attempts to visualise party political changes over time.

  8. I cannot make bricks without clay — The colors of paintings: Blue is the new orange

    Analysing the colours used in paintings over time, and wondering why blueish colours increased over the 20th century. (via Flowing Data)

  9. QuantumBlack Visual Analytics Limited

    “We’re a creative data science agency.” Dataviz type stuff. London.

  10. Epoch by Fastly

    Looks like a simple-to-use charting library, based on d3.js, with real-time charts.

  11. Variance

    Nice web charting/visualization thing, using a markup-based system for data, with appearance editable using CSS. Somewhere between Raphael/d3 and simple charting libraries. Costs money for commercial use. (via Tom Taylor)

  12. Newsvis | The Directory of News Visualizations

    What it says. (via The Functional Art)

  13. Graph TV

    Shows graphs of IMDB ratings for all episodes of a TV series. Nice and simple.

  14. Course: Doing Journalism with Data, First Steps, Skills and Tools

    “Five week” free online introductory data journalism course starting “early 2014”. No idea how much time it’s supposed to take, but I’ve signed up anyway. Sounds like a good intro. (via The Functional Art)


    Interesting-looking information design agency, based in Milan and New York. (via The Functional Art)

  16. Kiln = Journalism + Data + Technology + Design

    Small London company making interesting looking visualisations, maps, graphs etc. Ex-Guardian folks. (via CreativeJS)

  17. For Example

    A transcript of a talk Mike Bostock gave at Eyeo about good examples, using lots of good, live, examples of d3 diagrams, maps, etc. Really good. Also, made my iPad 1 completely restart… (via The Functional Art)

  18. The top 20 data visualisation tools | Feature | .net magazine

    A nice summary of everything from Excel to Gephi. (via Dotcode)

  19. The rapidly increasing ideology of the US Republican Party

    A chart showing the changing political positions of US political parties since 1789. I’d love to see something similar for the UK. (via Kottke)

  20. Over the Decades, How States Have Shifted - Interactive Feature -

    Really nice visualisation of how different states have voted over time. (via The Functional Art)

  21. BBC Dimensions: How Many Really?

    Lovely thing from BERG that “compares the number of people involved in key historical events or situations to the people you know through Facebook or Twitter.” Very good.

  22. Arab spring: an interactive timeline of Middle East protests | World news |

    This is nicer than my rash knee-jerk dislike of whizziness made me think. Works well as an overview and journey. There’s a bit of a disconnect between country names and events, and I want to see more time at once, but nice and clear otherwise. (via Max Gadney)

  23. Mashup Breakdown - Girl Talk - All Day

    This is a wonderful visualisation, as I can never pick apart the samples of mashups, even if I recognise them. More please. (via Cal)

  24. Modern Two-Party System in the Senate Timeline

    Fascinating and detailed graph of shifts in Republican/Democrat senators from 1857-2006. I’d love to see something similar for the UK.

  25. Dataists

    “Our goal is to bring well-written articles on big data processing, statistics and statistical programming, and machine learning to one place.” (via BERG)

  26. Information is beautiful: The BBC-O-Gram | News |

    Useful to get an overview of where the BBC’s money gets spent. Cutting 6Music and Asian Network doesn’t save much compared to the total.

  27. Creative Review - The Atlas of the Real World

    Some fascinating maps of the world representing stuff about each country… oh, just look. (via Booktwo)

  28. NGM Blog Central - The Cost of Care - National Geographic Magazine -

    Nice infographic. Not understandable in a very quick glance but it shows a lot of info after a couple of seconds. Also, the UK looks nicely average. (via Kottke)

  29. Visualizing empires decline on Vimeo

    Lovely visualisation of the expansion and contraction of four empires over 200 years. (via Long Now)

  30. Cartographer.js – thematic mapping for Google Maps

    Javascript library for mapping data nicely onto Google Maps. Area-scaled circles, choropleth, etc. (via Simon Willison)

  31. gRaphaël—Charting JavaScript Library

    That looks very nice indeed. (via Infovore)

  32. Op-Ed Columnist - Swan Songs? -

    On the changing state of the recorded music industry, mostly for the fascinating ‘Music Sales’ graphic on the left. (via Daring Fireball)

  33. | The Remotest place on Earth

    Lovely images. I guess it’s something like Space Syntax but for the entire planet. (via Matt Jones)

  34. The little page of TRANSPORT CHAOS

    Great idea. Love the descriptions of chaos levels. Longer-term graphs would be nice.

  35. Oakland crime maps XI: how close, and how bad? (tecznotes)

    Thought process on making heat maps out of the Oakland Crimespotting data. (via Simon Willison)

  36. Sprint: Plug into Now.

    Quite absorbing “dashboard” about the state of the world. Some of it’s obviously whizzy and not entirely factual. But I want one for me. (via Russell Davies)

  37. Mycrocosm

    “A web service that allows you to share snippets of information from the minutiae of daily life in the form of simple statistical graphs.” Like Daytum? Love it. (via Haddock)

  38. Daytum

    Lets you keep track of any kind of daily data you like and graph it. Brilliant. I don’t often think “I wish I’d thought of that” but… (via Kottke)

  39. Income Gap and Marginal Tax Rate 1917-2006 at Visualizing Economics

    Ouch. Difference in income for rich and poor in the US over the past century, compared to the tax rate.

  40. Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds

    Lets you create tag clouds that are much more lovely than the usual. (via Blackbelt Jones)

  41. HistoryShots Information Graphics - Prints

    Nice posters of timelines and similar infographics, along the lines of that one of Napoleon’s Russian campaign. Mostly American topics. (via Haddock)

  42. Mail-trends - Google Code

    “Mail Trends lets you analyze and visualize your email (as extracted from an IMAP server)” Haven’t tried it, but it looks purty. (via Haddock)

  43. MySociety - Travel-time Maps and their Uses

    Lovely maps of travel times around the UK by Lightfoot & Steinberg, data wranglers to the Ministry. (via Haddock)

  44. Flight Patterns

    Gorgeous animations of flights over the US. Better than it sounds. (via Kottke)

  45. The Baby Name Wizard’s NameVoyager

    I kept seeing links to this and ignored them. I shouldn’t have, it’s lovely. Would be nice if you could fix the scale though.

  46. Microsoft’s Netscan generates maps of Usenet group activity

    Posted ages ago, the date got mangled on import.

  47. History flow

    Yummy visualisations of how Wikipedia pages change over time (look in the Gallery).

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