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2014-02-24 (Monday)


  1. Graph TV

    Shows graphs of IMDB ratings for all episodes of a TV series. Nice and simple.


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    @ClarkMicknulp You're not alone :)

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    @Dramaturgs Well, yesterday, but you’re not far off :)

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    @JamesWeiner Hold on; at the moment the office is jumping for my love.

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    @jamesweiner Crazy days! Remember how everyone was always jumping? “Stop jumping” the squares shouted! But no, we all jumped. JUMP AROUND!

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    @jamesweiner I can’t help thinking Elvis Costello missed a trick. He could have had a jumping anthem but ‘Jump Up’ isn’t at all jumpy.

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    @jamesweiner Oh yes, ‘Jump Around’ not ‘Jump’. Thank you. I am now jumping (inside).

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    @jamesweiner I can understand Stacy Lattisaw’s ‘Jump to the Beat’ not quite making it but surely House of Pain’s ‘Jump’? “Friendly Fires”?!

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    @al_chewy Good luck! Hope you do some good designing.

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    My favourite TV moment of 2014 so far: #meades on modern adulthood

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    "Manchester Town Hall. This place has no mayor - it could be you." Surely some mistake

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    Of all the lifts to get stuck in, I'd choose the one in my office last.

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    1st day of proper homeschool with all 3 kids, littlest one is stood at the window watching children walk to school and doing a little dance.