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2014-02-09 (Sunday)



    Interesting-looking information design agency, based in Milan and New York. (via The Functional Art)

  2. How to buy my first bespoke suit – reader question - Permanent Style

    Some good advice, but also for the interesting comments, especially from a couple of guys talking about do’s and dont’s in City firms.

  3. Lottie Dexter should quit - and take the Year of Code board with her - Adrian Short

    This all sounds like such a horrible, shallow farce led by people who feel “entrepreneurship” is the sole thing that should be encouraged in children. Fuck that.


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    @GennHutchison Also, complicated as a substitute for complex/deep? That's what I thought about Inception, for example. Or Doctor Who.

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    Year of Learning How to Improve Education.

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    @alruii I hope things are OK.

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    @antimega How are Team GB doing in the Gumball Rally?

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    Shoulder ache / headache / sofa / Likely Lads. Not all bad.

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    @moleitau I've yet to hear of anyone claim they made it all the way through.

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    @mattsheret Wirecutter?

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    @alicebartlett Jesus. I know, right. I once put the wrong magic nose plant in something and everyone was like WTF and I was all JESUS!