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2011-09-20 (Tuesday)


  1. Two million radio sets capable of broadcasting

    Reviewing Tim Wu’s ‘The Master Switch’, Steve Coll describes how once anyone could broadcast their own radio station.

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  1. BBC Dimensions: How Many Really?

    Lovely thing from BERG that “compares the number of people involved in key historical events or situations to the people you know through Facebook or Twitter.” Very good.


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    A difficult day, but I finally slew the Twitter-, OAuth- and Python-headed Cerberus. The weapons needed better examples.

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    By 1924 Americans had 2 million radio sets capable of *broadcasting*. Many tiny local stations. Me quoting someone else

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    @dracos Because most cinemas don't have assigned seats, and I'd prefer to sit through ads (while reading) and have a good seat.

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    @SarahKSilverman tried that. Didn't work RT When ur relatives drive u crazy just close yr eyes & pretend its dialogue in a woody allen movie