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2008-09-09 (Tuesday)


  1. Way too jaded

    My thoughts on dConstruct 2008, whose talks left me underwhelmed.


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    Although the idea of a conference with no talks appeals I think it would need some kind of…

  2. Conferences and Corridors - Vox

    While few of dConstruct’s talks thrilled me, the conference is pretty good for the socialising…


  1. Superstruct! Play the game, invent the future. | The Institute For The Future

    “The world’s first massively multiplayer forecasting game.” Interesting. There’s either a lot more futures stuff around at the moment, or I’m just stumbling across more of it. (via Wonderland)

  2. Rule Forty Two - » Welcome to the Future

    Scroll some way through for evaluations of how futurists’ predictions turned out. (Although the futurists I know never called them “predictions” because we know they’re never 100% correct.) (via Boing Boing)

  3. Illustration Friday

    A different topic every week for you to create an illustration about. Lovely idea. Why are there so few hours in the day and days in the week? I want to do everything. (via Haddock)

  4. Pillow Speaker With Volume Control: Electronics & Photo:

    Years ago I tried a Laurie Anderson sculpture that pretty much did just this and it was lovely. Hmm… (via Haddock)

  5. Futurelab - Innovation in education

    “Transforming the way people learn through innovative technology and practice.” Interesting looking place, based in Bristol.

  6. Daytum

    Lets you keep track of any kind of daily data you like and graph it. Brilliant. I don’t often think “I wish I’d thought of that” but… (via Kottke)

  7. Stefan Glerum

    I’m liking this chap’s black and white illustrations so far. Dark and humorous. (via Drawn)


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    Blogging grumpy. Always a mistake.