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2009-11-03 (Tuesday)


  1. Illicit filesharing - p2p - government evidence to the culture committee | Tom Watson MP

    Good questioning from Tom Watson. I’m continually gob-smacked by the craven corporate backwardness of the government. I wish there was a Labour party.

  2. Facebook Developers | Platform Live Status

    Current status of the Facebook platform.

  3. K-punk: London litened

    A nice description from 2008 of a London where everyone is reading those bloody free newspapers. (via City of Sound)

  4. Cartographer.js – thematic mapping for Google Maps

    Javascript library for mapping data nicely onto Google Maps. Area-scaled circles, choropleth, etc. (via Simon Willison)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    At that point in the aftermath of a cold where a good nose-blowing results in a cracking and settling of materials around the skull.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    @macintosh Yes, you could watch only the final 30 seconds of any Flash Forward episode and you'd still see all the main plot developments.