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2014-02-23 (Sunday)


  1. Course: Doing Journalism with Data, First Steps, Skills and Tools

    “Five week” free online introductory data journalism course starting “early 2014”. No idea how much time it’s supposed to take, but I’ve signed up anyway. Sounds like a good intro. (via The Functional Art)

  2. How to get a ready-to-wear suit altered - Permanent Style

    I thought I’d saved this before, but obviously not. Not that I’ve ever needed it, but still, interesting.

  3. Overheard: Steven Soderbergh | Film Comment

    From 2013, on the state of cinema, the difference between “movies” and “cinema”, wondering what’s happening, how no one knows anything. A good read.


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    It’s a good job I don’t have a standing desk at work: put music on and it’s hard not to do a little dance occasionally. Work’s not ready.

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    Experimenting with a standing desk. Feel like I’m piloting a mundane starship.

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    I wonder why I bother reading anything, so little of it sticks.

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    Finally read the great 2011 Paris Review interview with William Gibson. Go to add to Pinboard. Realise I already "finally" read it in 2012.

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    Lego Space evolution: From 80s command line to 00s GUI