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2010-07-08 (Thursday)


  1. 30 tons of baggage

    A description of a Victorian journey into Africa and the huge amount of resources required.


  1. LRB · Alex de Waal · Dollarised

    Interesting article about the place of patronage, bribery, etc in non-“Western” countries and why simply trying to circumvent it, or stamp it out, isn’t a good route to reform.

  2. CSS3 Transition - iPhoneWebDev | Google Groups

    Occasionally useful thread from 2009 about CSS3 transitions, hardware acceleration, etc on iPhones

  3. Introduction - iui - iUI Introduction Wiki Page. - Project Hosting on Google Code

    A JavaScript/CSS framework thing for making web apps on iPhones etc. Haven’t looked into it yet.

  4. BLDGBLOG: A Design History of Military Airspace

    “A volumetric rendering of military airspace in East Germany during the 1980s, as imaged in Google Earth.” Mapping historical, invisible, 3D spaces. Must be good.

  5. LRB · R.W. Johnson · Sudanitis

    On a Victorian exploration into Africa which required more than 2000 people.


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    Fire at Liv St (@jonmulholland). Looks like "the hotel with the secret masonic temple" (@secretlondon).

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    Browser Testing For Fun And Profit. Well, fun. Well... but nearly there!

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    @shiftrunstop Thought you might like these young chaps:

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    I wish my mood wasn't so closely tied to how poorly my coding is going.

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    Sat alone in a chilly cinema while Mötley Crüe is played in quite loud. Not sure it's the intro Woody Allen had in mind.

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    @green_knight It's the Gutenberg version of the 1893 Wheatley edition of the diary:

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    Coming to terms with the fact that after finishing that project I *might* never have to work with Facebook Connect again. May throw a party.

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    Now hoping #GER come third and we can form a stable coalition government with the second-placers. (Thanks @tobybarnes)

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    @antimega I am now tempted to stake them out with a portable high-fidelity audio device to surprise and amuse commuters.

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    Just seen my first countdown traffic lights. Nice. Very, very bright.