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2010-02-12 (Friday)


  1. Coriandr / lottielodge / Handmade socks, realistic price

    I love this kind of thing. I’d like to see how much your average mass-produced-in-China garment should cost if the workers were paid UK minimum wage.

  2. Britain’s “broken society”: Through a glass darkly | The Economist

    Good article on how many things that you’d think would define “broken Britain” have been improving. Britain’s better.

  3. Creative Review - The Atlas of the Real World

    Some fascinating maps of the world representing stuff about each country… oh, just look. (via Booktwo)

  4. Know Before You Go: Tickets May Come at a Higher Price Than You Realize | Electronic Frontier Foundation

    If you buy a Burning Man ticket you assign copyright on any photos you take at the event to the organisers.


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    @meejahoor Plus a drizzle of lemon juice. 45 minutes at 200ºC turning up to 220ºC for the final 10 mins. Leave Pepys to rest before serving.

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    Got a lengthy ten days of Pepys prepared this afternoon. Trying to get ahead in anticipation of the busy (real world) months coming up...

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    More sink asplosion. "At least it's not poo."