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2010-11-23 (Tuesday)


  1. Mashup Breakdown - Girl Talk - All Day

    This is a wonderful visualisation, as I can never pick apart the samples of mashups, even if I recognise them. More please. (via Cal)

  2. An Invisible Empire of Sidewalks and Gutterspace

    The possibilities of fishing in old streams beneath New York, and a man who bought many tiny slivers of land across the city.

  3. Stratigraphies of Infestation

    For both the anecdotes about New York’s rats and the anecdotes about the levels of underground old New York where the rats live.


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    @tominsam Yes, breakfast!

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    Not only shaving a yak, but also applying hot towels, mud treatment, deep tissue massage, waxing, pedicure, manicure and mineral detox wrap.

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    @tomtaylor @infovore Like Nicholson Baker's description of learning to play console games, vim is prob. like learning to play the bassoon.