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2009-12-30 (Wednesday)


  1. Tipsy

    More jQuery-based, Facebook-style, tooltips. (via Simon Willison)

  2. NGM Blog Central - The Cost of Care - National Geographic Magazine -

    Nice infographic. Not understandable in a very quick glance but it shows a lot of info after a couple of seconds. Also, the UK looks nicely average. (via Kottke)

  3. DJ Matthew Africa - I Wish You Would: America’z most complete artist

    Haven’t heard of DJ Quik, but I liked this mix. I’m also new to Matthew Africa, but will be listening to more. (via Soul Sides)

  4. Engage the x drive: Ten ways to traverse deep space - space - 21 December 2009 - New Scientist

    Different ways of powering travel to deep space, and how plausible they are. (via The Speculist)


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    @russelldavies I may be able to manage Shepherdess on Friday, if it's open. Maybe start a little later than usual...?

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    Five Es and an F. Unfortunately this is only my Words With Friends hand.

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    Heading home, weighed down with more old tat / precious heirlooms. Disposed of four bin bags of old art, mags, and other rubbish today.

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    Opening a folder of old sketches and paintings and releasing the smell of lino.

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    Much confusion at Stratford station due to engineering works. You'd think this kind of thing had happened often enough to run smoothly now.